We've been building brand equity for over 30 years.

Since 1989, L Catterton has made more than 250 investments in leading consumer brands across all segments of the consumer industry. With approximately $34 billion of assets under management dedicated to growing middle market companies and emerging high-growth enterprises, we believe we are the largest and most experienced consumer-focused private equity group in the world.

Our Industry Focus

Since our founding in 1989, we have focused exclusively on building iconic and enduring consumer brands. Our category-first approach is aimed at truly understanding what matters most to consumers in order to subsequently identify the specific categories and companies that will benefit from those consumer preferences. At the heart of this approach is our constant pursuit of grasping how various types of trends—demographic, psychographic, technological, geographic, and socioeconomic—will drive and impact consumer preferences and purchasing decisions.

While our objective—to invest in and build consumer businesses that are rooted in emotional connectivity and thereby in sticky relationships that we can scale—has remained the same over time, we have had to adapt our thinking, our capabilities, and our methodologies to the shifting market environment.
Approximately $34B Equity Capital under management
Locations across 5 Continents
Investments since the firm’s inception in 1989
Investing & Operating Professionals

Learn How We Foster Growth

Our Operations Team is comprised of in-house functional and strategic leaders, our focused team of expert project leaders and associates, and an eco-system of partners with expertise in key supplemental functions (e.g. digital, market research, IT). Together, these resources work closely both with our investment teams in due diligence to assess growth and improvement opportunities and with our portfolio company executives to act on and capture value across a range of strategic and operational value creation levers. Their work ranges from revenue and growth opportunities such as pricing, product development, and e-commerce, to cost and capital reduction initiatives such as lean manufacturing, procurement, and IT spend management.
Enhancing Operational Excellence
Our deep and dedicated team of strategic and functional experts as well as our embedded resources, provide real skill transfer to drive rapid operational improvements. We improve purchasing and supply-chains, manufacturing efficiencies, business analytics, pricing and margin enhancement, operating costs and inventory, and working capital optimization. These highly differentiated resources underscores our commitment to be added-value partners.
Developing Strategic Thought Partnerships
Our portfolio companies benefit from our wide network of strategic industry contacts, active lending institutions, consultants, recruiters, and management talent. These sources provide market and product expertise, multinational distribution capabilities, access to new customers, and valuable investment and commercial banking capabilities.
Expanding Human Capital
We generally invest in companies with strong and proven management teams. Additionally, we may recruit and augment management to support the growth of a company. We utilize our significant industry contacts. In addition, we take an active role in ensuring that the appropriate incentives are in place for the management team.
Fostering Future Growth
We believe that long-term value can be created through a variety of strategic initiatives, including brand building, new product development, strategic alliances, entry into new channels, and marketing, including specific digital capabilities. We partner with each management team to implement clear strategic and operating plans in order to foster future growth.